Welcome! We're Datum Marine ("Day-tum marine"), the small boat training guys.

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SVOP training boat photo: Matt Whelan

A SVOP class in Vancouver.

Photo Credit: Matt "Cheers" Whelan

Changes coming to the SVOP soonregister now to avoid additional expense and time.  If you hold a SVOP when the changes come into force, your SVOP will still be valid, click here for more details. Join our email list to receive email updates about these changes to the SVOP.

We're Datum Marine ("Day-tum" Marine), the small boat training guys. We concentrate on all things involving small commercial boats in British Columbia and the rest of Canada. Our purpose is one thing: To help our clients operate safely and efficiently on small commercial boats.

At Datum Marine, we make our classes relevant to small commercial vessel operators within the confines of the Transport Canada SVOP/MEDA3 and Industry Canada curriculums. Our instructors have experience driving small vessels through all weathers and all around coastal BC. We ask you to spend your hard earned money with a school who knows what you do, and where you do it.

“Git R Dun!” as we say here at Datum Marine, which is why we bundle the 3 nautical courses in a convenient and intensive 6 day package. We go where others do not. All around Western Canada, the province of BC, Vancouver and especially Vancouver Island! We take the instructor to the class. We are flexible, efficient, caring and professional. Our mandate is to help you feel empowered to do what it is you need to do to comply with new regulations so you can get back out on the water. 

Please ask your local Transport Canada Marine office for the final say on all crewing and vessel regulations. However, most people on small commercial vessels need: SVOP (Small Vessel Operator Proficiency), MED A3 (Marine Emergency Duties A3), ROC-M DSC (Radio Restricted Operator Certificate Marine with Digital Selective Calling endorsement), and MBFA (Marine Basic First Aid).

Small Vessel Operators Training Course

Marine Safety Training - MEDA3 course participants learning about emergency distress flares
Photo Credit: Matt "Cheers" Whelan

Upcoming Courses (click here for online registration):

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Our next courses will be in the Fall 2015:

Fall 2015

Campbell River

  • SVOP - 21-24 September, 2014 - $550 plus GST
  • MEDA3 - 25 September - $150 plus GST
  • ROCM - 26 September - $150 plus GST

Richmond (Vancouver)

  • SVOP - 28 September - 1 October - $550 plus GST
  • MEDA3 - 2 October - $150 plus GST
  • ROCM - 3 October - $150 plus GST

Campbell River

  • SVOP - 26-29 October - $550 plus GST
  • MEDA3 - 30 October - $150 plus GST
  • ROCM - 31 October - $150 plus GST

Richmond (Vancouver)

  •  SVOP - 2-5 November - $550 plus GST
  • MEDA3 - 6 November - $150 plus GST
  • ROCM - 7 November - $150 plus GST

SVOP classes are now 4 days long as per Transport Canada regulations, good for commercials vessels 5 Gross Tons or less, or commercial Fishing vessels 15 Gross Tons or less.

PLEASE NOTE: CDN (candidate document numbers) Numbers are required before we can release your certificates! Apply from Transport Canada  in Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo or Prince Rupert  in person for free, or you can apply by mail. Click here for more information.

When you register for SVOP or MED A3 classes, you are registering with Datum Marine Services Ltd., a Transport Canada Course Provider. Datum Marine instructors are recognised examiners for the ROCM course on behalf Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons. 


Navigation with Small Vessels in British Columbia (Photo: Matt Whelan)

Our instructors create a relaxed and  friendly learning environment, you will have fun whilst you learn!
Photo Credit: Matt "Cheers" Whelan