MEDA3 is replaced by the SDV-BS

MEDA3 certificates will continue to be valid

  • We offer a new Marine Emergency Duties certification – the Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety instead of the MEDA3.
  • It’s basically the same course but with a new name.
  • It’s valid the same as the MEDA3 and MEDA3 certificates will continue be valid. 

What does this mean for you?

If you already have the MEDA3, you do NOT need to retake the course. Just hang onto your MEDA3 certificate! (we can still issue replacements but there is charge)

If you’re signed up for an upcoming MEDA3 course, you will receive a SDV-BS certificate instead of a MEDA3 certificate. The SDV-BS has the same validity as the MEDA3.

The full name for the new certification is small non-pleasure vessel basic safety, but Transport Canada decided to use the catchy name Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety for short!!!!!

For more information about the validity of Marine Emergency Duties certificates here’s a link to the Marine Personnel Regulations:

Please see below an excerpt from Transport Canada publication TP4957, outlining the equivalency between the new and the old certifications. A full PDF copy of TP4957 can be found on our webpage

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