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St John Ambulance  – for First Aid courses including Marine Basic First Aid  – branches throughout BC
The Guide Network  – connects employers with potential employees in the Adventure Tourism industry.
Gallagher Insurance – experts in Commercial and Recreational Marine Insurance (and really good rates!)
Fish Safe BC – If you are a BC commercial fisherman, this is your home for safety training and emergency preparedness
Vancouver Island University’s Natural Resources Extension Program offer applied natural resource-related training programs
Campbell River Maritime Heritage Centre

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MEDA3 is replaced by the SDV-BS

MEDA3 certificates will continue to be valid

  • We offer a new Marine Emergency Duties certification – the Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety instead of the MEDA3.
  • It’s basically the same course but with a new name.
  • It’s valid the same as the MEDA3 and MEDA3 certificates will continue be valid. 

What does this mean for you?

If you already have the MEDA3, you do NOT need to retake the course. Just hang onto your MEDA3 certificate! (we can still issue replacements but there is charge)

If you’re signed up for an upcoming MEDA3 course, you will receive a SDV-BS certificate instead of a MEDA3 certificate. The SDV-BS has the same validity as the MEDA3.

The full name for the new certification is small non-pleasure vessel basic safety, but Transport Canada decided to use the catchy name Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety for short!!!!!

For more information about the validity of Marine Emergency Duties certificates here’s a link to the Marine Personnel Regulations:

Please see below an excerpt from Transport Canada publication TP4957, outlining the equivalency between the new and the old certifications. A full PDF copy of TP4957 can be found on our webpage

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Just when you thought it was safe to go out on the water……..

Just when you thought it was safe to go out on the water…..Transport Canada has proposed some changes to the SVOP


The validity of SVO certifications may be extended to operators of larger vessels (up to 12 meters long). 

Nothing is finalised yet, but here’s what we know so far:

  1. Any changes to the SVOP course will not come into effect until 2025, at the earliest
  2. Existing SVOP certificates will still be valid, but holders may have to take additional courses if they want to operate larger vessels (more than 5GT, less than 12m)
  3. The SVOP will probably be a few hours longer

We hope these changes will mean a “new and improved” SVOP for bigger boats. More information is available on our webpage:

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New Website Connects Employers with Potential Employees

The Guide Network is a great new website to connect employers with potential employees in the adventure / tourism field.

“Empowering the tourism industry by bringing employers, guides and training providers together through one virtual platform!” 

This is new platform, created by a guide (one of our former course participants – nice job Sam!).


Courses Are Open in a Location Near You

Salvage rights – Abandoned vessels – know your rights

Here’s a link to a Transport Canada PDF outlining the procedure for if you find an abandoned vessel (wreck)

Any person taking possession of a wreck (i.e. salvaging) must report a found wreck. If you salvage a wreck, you are entitled to reasonable salvage costs and expenses for your efforts. The vessel owner is liable for these expenses. If the owner cannot be found, the salvage award may be the wreck, or all or part of the proceeds of its sale, but will not exceed the value of the wreck.

As a boat owner you are responsible for disposing of your boat.

Welcome to our new site!

As you can see we’ve seen some changes as of late here at Datum Marine. The wonderful folks over at Red Fox Creative were kind enough to take us on and give us a fresh, corporate new look. Don’t let that fool you though, we’re still the friendly, easy-going instructors that have made us one of the most sought after training programs on the west coast.

Have a look around, and be sure to check out our upcoming Fall/Winter course schedule!

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