One of the most common questions we get about marine training is...


Yes, we do! 

and its called..

Boat-Boss - Off the Dock

Boat Boss Course Details


Datum Marine is a Transport Canada approved captain’s school
that has been running academic and practical marine training
in Clayoquot Sound for 25 years.



Clayoquot Sound offers an excellent mix of sheltered and rough waters so you get rounded practical marine experience.

$1700 + GST

3:1 Training : Three participants to each instructor and boat means deeper learning.

Starts with a quick refresh in the classroom on the 1st morning followed by 4-days on small boats in Clayoquot Sound

PRE-REQUISITE - You Must Already Have Your SVOP

Get your Small Vessel Operator Proficiency Certificate before taking this course.

4-day - Practical On-The-Water Training in Tofino

Includes docking, anchoring, person overboard, GPS, search and rescue, big wave handling

Boat Boss - Off the Dock

Datum’s 4-Day Practical Small Vessel Captain’s Course.

It’s all well and good to get a piece of paper saying you’re a captain. You learned a lot of theory, enjoyed our class and passed a multiple choice exam, and now you are expected to be professionally responsible for an expensive boat and 12 lives! What could possibly go wrong? How do you actually learn how to dock a boat, judge the waves, feel the wind on your face, or navigate the route without (as we say in class)  “hitting the rocky bits or the sandy bits”

The answer is easy, but the training is challenging. Take the 4 day Boat Boss course in Tofino, get a feel for open ocean waves, tricky sandbars, lots of other small boat traffic, strong currents and west coast weather.


Pre-requisites: You must already have your SVOP certificate (from any training provider or school).


100% attendance: As you’ve already seen in our SVOP courses, the lessons build on each other. This is not a holiday, it’s a challenging course meant to push your excellence and show you what you’re capable of over an exhausting 8 hour day in an open speedboat. Oh—and there’s a night run, where you learn to navigate in the dark by the lighthouses and lights. It’s the best way to develop muscle memory so you know what to do when the waters throw unexpected challenges at you.


Search and Rescue perspective: It may seem hard core, but after you take your training with us, you’ll feel so much pride in your accomplishment, precisely because of the challenge. We take a SAR perspective where we show students how to behave in emergencies, to recognize things that commonly go wrong, how to best assist others and how people before us have been seriously injured or killed. We also play games, run races and do team building exercises between the boats in our fleet. Every single minute you spend with us in Boat Boss is geared towards developing your mind and body to know how to react and what to do when the situation becomes uncertain or overwhelming. As we say in class… You got this, Captain!


No Transport Canada here: Although industry respected, many insurance providers are requiring our practical training, and although we’re the main “go-to” school to certify many government and local organizations, Transport Canada has no approval process for this class. That means that Datum Marine has had the freedom to develop our most relevant course using best practices that we’ve developed after running hundreds of these courses since 1999. Our final evaluation is purely based on you showing your best practice, solving problems, and finding solutions in the face of uncertainty, with a timer applied to replicate real-world pressure.


You’ll come out with a certificate of completion where we’ve proved all the work you’ve done, and how far you’ve come to grow into being a professional, safe and confident Boat Boss captain.