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Serving the Training Needs of Canadian Maritime Business

A brief breakdown of our experience dealing with industry in Western Canada and beyond. How to apply for help with Safety Management Systems, Practical Training and certification for workers on the water.

The last 20 years has brought a lot of standardization and certification to the business world as a whole. It’s no surprise that the marine industry has also been included in the push to modernize and have written standards, set down procedures for operations on the water.

Because we specialize in small commercial vessel operations, we get a lot of call and experience in helping others (and ourselves!) through industry guidelines. We pride ourselves on providing hands-on, relevant information to the students in our class, and this doesn’t stop with our students. We often help our clients and try to outline some of the procedure and red tape involved with navigating through maritime industry!

Insurance, Worksafe, bids for contracts, Transport Canada Marine–there are a lot of organizations pushing to see the appropriate certification and paperwork followed. Most businesses are having to get through a significant amount of bureaucracy, just to do the same job that they’ve been working on for years. We know, we’re constantly updating our own procedures and certifying our own instructors!

We strive to provide a service which gives your business good value. We do the classroom training in a tight, efficient package–and come to your location. We do what your operational needs are for practical training. And we can help out with small vessel self inspection and registration paperwork. We also help write ISO 9001 standards and procedures (Safety Management Systems) for businesses that need to set down their activities for insurance or bids for contracts.

If you don’t have 6 employees or participants (which makes the group rate worthwhile over a public rate), give us a call, send us an email just to check, anyway. We hold a list of groups that need training in locations all over Western Canada, and can accommodate a few groups at once, which is more cost-efficient for everyone. We’ll network within the industry to get the training you need, professionally, with relevance and flexibility.

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