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Based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, Datum Marine Services Ltd. offers a full complement of professional marine services, including marine training programs, vessel relocation (boat movers, yacht delivery), pilotage, crewing (boat crews, yacht crews, boat captains), marine security consultation, marine needs assessments, contingency planning, equipment requirements, enforcement options, personnel staffing, lectures and presentations and custom designed and delivered boating courses.


Datum Marine offer boating courses and develop and teach commercial power boat handling and navigation courses. These boating courses are geared towards getting students working in the commercial marine industry. We offer Transport Canada accredited boating courses including Marine Emergency Duties (MEDA3) and the Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP). These are certificates and qualifications needed at the entry level into the commercial marine industry anywhere in Canada.

The marine industry across Canada involving "small" vessels is thriving and expanding all the time. There are and will continue to be many exciting opportunities for you in the industry. There are jobs in tourism, fishing, guiding, passenger and freight transportation, enforcement and many other areas which all depend on boats.

We are pleased with our position in the industry, our clients and participants know us as small commercial vessel focused, and relevant to the training they need. Our management and instructors all have commercial time on vessels, hold valid Transport Canada commercial master licenses, and respect the small vessel industry as part of British Columbia's economic life blood.

Datum Marine focuses on small vessel operation and training. We do one thing, we do it reasonably and with added value, and we do it well. Thanks for considering our services!

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