One of the most common questions we get about marine training is...

Yes! we do and its called..

Captain’s Boot Camp

A 9-day course (includes 1-day off ) to get the certifications required to be the captain of a small commercial boat, plus practical training in boats in Clayoquot Sound. It includes the following:


Small Vessel Operator Certificate Course


Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety – Marine Emergency Duties


Restricted Operator Certificate Marine Radio License

Practical On-The-Water Training

Docking, anchoring, person overboard, GPS, search and rescue, big wave handling


Questions & Answers


The package includes the SVOP, SDV-BS/ MED-A3 and ROC-M marine commercial certifications plus practical boating sessions in Clayoquot Sound.
The practical sessions will include training on docking, anchoring, Person Over Board, chartwork pilotage, Electronic GPS navigation, Search and Rescue and big wave boat handling strategies.


This package is intended to build beginner and intermediate boaters up to a small vessel commercial captain level of professionalism. Clayoquot Sound offers an excellent mix of sheltered and rough waters for a well rounded marine experience.
Datum Marine is a Transport Canada approved captain’s school which has been running academic and practical marine training in Clayoquot Sound for 25 years.
Q:  Where do I sign up?
A:  Click the button on the right.
Q:   How much is the Captain’s Boat Camp?
A:   $3900 plus GST
Q:   What certifications do I need to become a captain on a small commercial vessel?
SVOP (the four day captain’s license which includes rules of the road, navigation, vessel stability and many other subjects)
SDV-BS (formerly the MEDA3 – an emergency duties basic safety course), ROC-M (VHF radio course), and Marine Basic First Aid. Datum does NOT offer MBFA.
Q: What if I only need some of these courses?
A: If you need some but not all these courses, Datum Marine has limited availability for the public:
Sign up here, space is limited !
Q:   Who can answer more questions?
A:   The FAQ Page HERE is designed by mariners, for mariners and answers many questions about small commercial boat training.
For any other questions, please email


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