Transport Canada has proposed some changes to the Small Vessel Operator training regime (currently the SVOP certificate). The validity of SVO certifications may be extended to operators of larger vessels (up to 12 meters long). Nothing is finalized yet, but here’s what we know so far:

1. Any changes to the SVOP course will not come into effect until Spring 2025 (or later!)

2. Existing SVOP certificates will still be valid, but holders may have to take additional courses if they want to operate larger vessels (more than 5GT, less than 12m)

3. The SVOP course will probably be a few hours longer

Transport Canada is changing from a Gross Tonnage measurement for boats to a length measurement. This is a much easier measurement, as it just involves measure the length of your boat! The current SVOP is good for vessels up to 5 GT, which is generally about 9 meters long, the new SVOP will be good for vessels up to 12 meters long. We hope these changes will mean a “new and improved” SVOP for bigger boats.