For groups, companies,
communities and organizations
who are seeking marine training.

If you have several participants who need SVOP, SDV-BS (formerly MED A3) or ROC-M training, a group booking may be just the thing you’re looking for!
Training takes place at a location and a time to suit you. Our group rates are based on a day rate, meaning the more people you put in a course the more you save (up to a maximum class size of 12).

Our group rates usually work out more economical than our public rates, if you have 5 or more people that need the training.


Custom built, on location, value added training experience.

Datum Marine, is set up to  work with companies and groups, in fact company and group training makes up the majority of our business.
Our instructors are Transport Canada audited and our classes are fully approved and listed on the Transport Canada approved training courses TP 10655 E.


Our Training Rates Are Simple

Daily instruction rate
+ per person rate
+ travel, accommodation, expenses
= your bill.

We invoice our corporate clients after the training is complete and are flexible and professional about PO numbers and invoicing. Please email or call us with specific details and we can put some marine commercial training together for you and your group–professional, relevant, and safety oriented.

Custom Marine Training for Groups

Our priority is to deliver relevant training.

Having combined experience in passenger vessels, sport fishing, commercial fishing, tugboats, police boats, harbour patrol and fish farms, our instructors tailor course content to your industry and desired focus. And, your people will end up valuing safety and professionalism in a more important light after our classes are through.

There is an option to provide oral exams.

Per Transport Canada procedures, for those participants who may be a little rusty on their reading and writing skills, oral exams are available.

Students are engaged from the first hour of instruction.

Although the education is theoretical, course content is visual, using video, audio and object learning. Our instructors engage students in learning and avoid lecture-style teaching methods.  We strive to keep people interested and involved, and learn the information required by solving problems. The important information continues to be recalled after years, with these methods!

Add practical training after the classes.

Hands-on training on the water re-enforces the theory in SVOP and SDV-BS (MED A3) classes. A range of practical training options can be delivered on your own vessel, in your own waters.

Safety Systems and Inspection Procedures.

We are also experienced in writing Safety Management Systems for marine based operations, and helping companies and individuals self inspect their vessels for commercial purposes.

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