Our Instructors

Knowledge From Experience

Our best assets are our instructors. They keep our classes relevant and safety oriented. We take instructors who hold valid master licenses (are real captains!) and relevant sea time experience in BC coastal waters on small vessels.

Our Most Important Strengths:

What sets us apart at Datum Marine are our goals to be relevant to small commercial operations, and updated in the maritime commercial world here in Western Canada. We work with instructors who hold valid Transport Canada captain’s licenses and who are still maintaining commercial experience. We show our respect for our participants and clients by providing modern, relevant, professional training.

With this in mind, our instructors are picked because they love the training they do, and because they want to see professional and safe operations on BC’s coast. All of us love our lifestyle of being small vessel coastal mariners; this knowledge and care for the industry, class participants, operations in Western Canada is impossible to fake.

Our instructors conduct in class evaluations and are constantly updating the course according to suggestions from the class, our group clients, and Transport Canada Marine. If you have come looking for a large organization with small care for you, this is the wrong place. We rely on our reputation and word of mouth clientele to support us, and our instructors keep in contact with former participants over the years.

Chances are, when you finish your courses with us you won’t only be certified as a small vessel captain, you’ll be a friend as well!

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