Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety – Marine Emergency Duties

MEDA3 / SDV-BS – 1-day course (8 hours) – Small non-pleasure vessel basic safety

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We will soon be offering the SDV-BS instead of the MEDA3 – these are basically the same course (just a few syllabus changes and a name change). Existing MEDa3 certifications will still be valid. 

Marine Emergency Duties A3 is a one day class concerned with EMERGENCIES on ships such as fire fighting, distress signals, man overboard, abandon ship and cold water shock/hypothermia.

MEDA3 is NOT a first aid course (Marine Basic First Aid is concerned with first aid response to injury, whereas MED A3 is all about disasters and emergencies).

Marine Emergency Duties A3 is a one day MED course required for crew on small vessels 5 ton or less (passenger and work boat) or 15 ton for commercial fishing, operating no more than 25 nautical Miles offshore. If you need the SVOP you will also need a MED certification (MEDA3 – minimum)

This course is all about safety and we use the latest memory enhancement and training techniques to make sure students have the skills to save themselves and passengers in emergency situations.

Coursework covers Responsibility, Abandon ship, Fire, Man Overboard and Emergency Signals.

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