Native Groups

Community Training for Native classes on location

At Datum Marine, we have worked with many First Nations communities up and down the coast. Captain Bob has been to communities in Masset, Skidegate, around the Haida Gwaii and up and down the coast. Captain Tom has visited every single village associated with the Nuu-Chah-Nulth languauge group in Canada.

Our instructors can come to your village and run the class right where it is convenient for the members of your community. We continue to deliver professional, value added, flexible, top quality training for the dollars spent, and have received high recommendations (please see the letter of reference from the NTC located below). We set the classes up so that participants can apply for their CDN numbers as well as get all the training they need in less than two weeks. We can also book for marine basic first aid and set it up so that these classes run straight after the marine training classes.

The prices to get an instructor to a location are based on a daily rate, plus per person expenses ($65 per SVOP, $25 per MED A3 and $65 per ROC-M), plus travel and accommodation expenses. Please email us or call as we need some specific details to offer a more accurate quote. We are the one of the only Transport Canada certified training schools to bill on a daily rate, which makes calculating your own expenses transparent, fair and easy to understand.

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