Datum Marine Services
Training Course Requirements

You must be at least 16-years old to take our courses. However to be the Captain (sole-operator) of a small commercial vessel you must be at least 18-years old.

There are NO requirements or pre-requisites for any of our courses.

There is no pre-reading, and there is no pre-study required.


Just arrive at the course location on time and pay attention…

There are no sea-experience time requirements for marine courses at this level.

You must attend the whole course to pass.

There is a multiple choice exam at the end of each course.

Changes in Requirements as of June 2016

NO MORE CDNs for SVOP and SDV-BS (MED A3)!!!!

Transport Canada no longer requires participants for the SVOP and SDV-BS (MED A3) courses to get a CDN (Candidate Document Number). This also applies MBFA and other MED courses. However, the CDN is useful if you want to take your marine career beyond small vessel operation.

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