We’ve designed our courses to get someone with little or no marine experience to get to the required level with no pre-study required. However, for the ROCM course it is useful to learn the Phonetic Alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie …..) – see below.

If English is not your first language, you may want to familiarize yourself with some marine terminology, so below is a PDF of our SVOP/ MEDA3 course manual. Please do NOT read the whole book, the following pages are all you need to read to familiarize yourself with some basic marine terminology:

  • pages 32-38 (Basic Boat Terminology and Vessel Hull Types),
  • pages 58-60 (Lateral Buoys),
  • pages 102-108 (Collision Regulations Definitions)

Datum SVOP SDVBS course manual download (ready only)

You can also bring a dictionary to class. You can even use a printed dictionary during the exam. Electronic dictionaries (such as on smart phones) are NOT permitted during the exam.

Phonetic Alphabet for the ROCM

Click here for a downloadable/ printable PDF of the phonetic alphabet PDF

Please see below the Phonetic Alphabet. It would be useful to learn this for the ROCM course. It’s also good to know as a mariner and also handy in daily life when you have to spell something to someone over the phone : )

A – alpha
B – bravo
C – charlie
D – delta
E – echo
F – foxtrot
G – golf
H – hotel
I – india
J – juliet
K – kilo
L – lima
M – mike
N – november
O – oscar
P – papa
Q – quebec
R – romeo
S – sierra
T – tango
U – uniform
V – victor
W – wiskey
X – x-ray
Y – yankee
Z – zulu